Graduation project

Glow is a cosmetic product scanner concept I did for my graduation project. With my curly hair, I've always struggled to find products with the right ingredients that wouldn't ruin my hair. I discovered that not only I face this problem. Cosmetic products contain all sorts of bad ingredients that may cause dry skin/hair, allergic reactions or may even be dangerous. I wanted to come with a solution for that to help costumers find the right products.

Colours and typography





Poynter Oldstyle Text



Since the app displays very scientific information about complex ingredients, I wanted to use illustrations so the information can be digested easier. It also makes it friendlier, which makes it more trustworthy.


Onboarding to introduce user to the app

Questionnaire for a personalized experience

Barcode scanner to examine ingredients

Community with articles, challenges and topics to learn more about cosmetics